2022 Fall Fundraiser Time!

We are excited to partner with Charleston Wrap to facilitate our fall fundraiser! There are thousands of items that are available on the website when you register with your student’s dashboard!

We have a BIG goal of $25,000 for this fundraiser, and a smaller goal of $10,000, we have a LOT of things that money is already earmarked for, so any extra will be very beneficial! We like to think win-win!

You may recall the big event day that we had last year from the fundraiser, we want to establish our own version of that which we are calling HAWK DAY!

We are including information here for the fundraiser, including the ADDITIONAL PRIZE TIERS that we have added on top of the prizes that Charleston Wrap offers.

Let’s do our best and work together, so that we all win!

We need everyone’s help to reach our Hawk Day goal. If you are not signing up for whatever reason, but would still like to purchase something to help us reach our goal, you can do so here: Charleston Wrap Fundraiser!

Above link is not associated with this student. It will, however still help us reach our goal!