Hollis Parents Club Board Elections for 22/23

Role Descriptions:

President: The president shall preside over this organization and all meetings of this organization, serve as the primary contact for the principal, handle correspondence, and ensure that notices of meetings are sent to the membership by a board member.  He/she will coordinate the work of all the officers so that the purpose of the organization is served.  

Vice President: The vice president shall assist the president and carry out the president’s duties in his or her absence or inability to serve.  The PTO vice president’s responsibilities will include, but are not limited to coordinating and maintaining the events, calendar and activities for the Parent Club.  He or she will also initiate all fundraiser events.  

Treasurer: The treasurer shall receive all funds of the organization, keep an accurate record of receipts and expenditures, and pay out funds in accordance with the approval of the organization.  He or she will present a financial statement at every meeting and at other times of the year when requested, and make a full report at the end of the year.

Secretary: The secretary shall keep all records of the organization, record and distribute minutes, prepare the agenda, the secretary also keeps a copy of the minutes book, bylaws, rules, membership list, and any other necessary supplies, and brings them to meetings.

Meetings are once a month (currently via Zoom), Members – at – large are always welcome and would be super helpful. We need more volunteers to help do the most that we can to support our Hawks!